10W LED Table Lamp 3 in 1

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Wattage 10W
Voltage AC100V - 240V / 50-60Hz
Light colour 3 in 1
Colour temperature 6000K+4500K+3000K
Lumens 700lm
Illuminations (30cm) 1200Lux
Beam angle 120°
Dimensions 325/425/205mm
Weight 1.400



- Light Sensor - adjusting the lamp light according the ambient light

- USB Output - for mobile pnones charging

- Five Steps Dimming Brightness

- Tre modes for CCT - Cold white - Neutral White and Warm White

- Side-emitting Light

- Night Ligh - The night light can be off automatically. Turning on the night light befor your sleep at night, you may need the night light or may forget to turn off the night light when you sleep in. But when daytime coming or the ambient light turning to be bright, the night light will be off in 5 mins..automatically. Humanized design for safer and energy conservation

- 60 Minutes Timer

- Memory Functions For Brightness and Temperatures

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